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Drug Prices

As Health Care Spending in US Projected to Increase, Generics and Biosimilars Expected to Moderate Growth

Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 2021-2030 National Health Expenditure (NHE) report, prepared by their Office of the Actuary. The report serves as the authoritative estimate of total U.S. health spending and provides important clues as to what is (and is not) driving health care costs.1

Challenges & Solutions for Prescription Drug Savings Identified by MedPAC

As policymakers seek to respond to concerns about high drug costs, a recent report may provide a path forward. The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) provides independent expert advice to Congress on Medicare payment policies and in a recent report to Congress, it recommends key changes to the Part D program that could serve as a foundation for sustainable savings through generic and biosimilar adoption.

KC is Enjoying Life— “a Pretty Good Deal” on Prescriptions

KC, 73, of Seattle, Wash., has worked as a journalist for most of her career. Years ago, on a birthday trip to Chicago, KC found herself in the emergency room with a diagnosis of “off the charts” high blood pressure. Her doctor prescribed a few generic medicines that help her manage her condition.

“It’s just not an issue for me anymore,” KC says. “I’m on Medicare, and when I pick up my prescriptions, it doesn’t cost me anything. That’s a pretty good deal.”

Greg is Treating His Ulcerative Colitis, and Enjoying a Slice or Two

Greg, 37, of Los Angeles, Cal., spends most of his time hiking, running and lifting weights, but his greatest passion in life is pizza. Not long ago, he made a bet with his wife that he could eat pizza and nothing but pizza for 45 days. As if that weren’t unusual enough, you should know that Greg has a history of ulcerative colitis.

Steroids were not controlling his condition, so his gastroenterologist put him on a biologic medication. After a while, his insurance plan recommended switching to a biosimilar—a safe, effective alternative to a brand-name biologic.

Senate Finance Hearing Highlights Ways to Reduce Drug Prices without Harming Patients

The Senate Finance Committee (SFC) convened a hearing March 16 titled, “Prescription Drug Price Inflation: An Urgent Need to Lower Drug Prices in Medicare.” AAM submitted a statement outlining concrete approaches to providing savings for seniors through policies to increase competition in the prescription drug market.

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