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Drug Prices

AAM Outlines Policy Solutions for Sustained Patient Access to Generic and Biosimilar Medicines

Association for Accessible Medicines Unveils Policy Agenda for
Biden Administration and 117th Congress
Outlines Policy Solutions to Support Long-Term Sustainability of Generic and Biosimilar Medicines

New Campaign Highlights Lifesaving Role Generic Drugs Have Played in Treatment of COVID-19
Report Series Examines Threats to Patient Access and Affordability

Congress Should Preserve—Not Limit—Patient Access to New Generics

The BLOCKING Act would weaken the 180-day incentive and undermine 35 years of success

Patient access to biosimilar and generic medicines has never been more critical. High launch prices and annual price increases on existing brand-name drugs have impeded access to medicines for too many patients. That is why lowering prescription drug prices continues to be a top health care concern for America’s patients.

2020 Generic Drug & Biosimilars Access and Savings in the U.S. Report

In 2019, the U.S. health care system saved $313 billion in 2019 from generics and biosimilar drugs, including $96 billion in Medicare savings and $48.5 billion in savings to Medicaid. At a time when access to reliable, affordable and high-quality prescription medication is more important than ever, generics fill 90% of prescriptions in the United States for only 20% of the cost.

How to Talk About High Drug Costs in a Time of Economic Insecurity

A Reference Guide for Lawmakers

Health care and the cost of prescription drugs are top issues for voters across the country. AAM developed a resource for effective communications around the concern for the rising cost of prescription drugs during COVID-19, “How to Talk About High Drug Costs in a Time of Economic Insecurity." This primer outlines how anticompetitive tactics limit patient access to FDA-approved generics and biosimilars, and how competition helps reduce drug prices.

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