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Drug Prices

White Paper: Sidelined: How Seniors Miss Out On Savings Available Through Generic Substitution

Generic medicines are an integral component of America’s pharmaceutical care system, driving substantial savings to patients and public programs. Even as spending on prescription drugs continues to rise in public programs, the use of generic medicines has blunted increasing brand drug prices, generating savings of $293 billion in 2018 alone. In fact, the average price of generic drugs covered under Medicare Part D in 2017 was only 26% of their average price in 2006.

Give IPR the Green Light

Congress created Inter Partes Review (IPR) to improve patent quality and expedite access to safe and affordable generic and biosimilar medicines. IPR is a process that allows patent experts to take a second look at patents and ensure that every granted patent represents true innovation. This graphic demonstrates how IPR improves patent quality, accelerates competition and makes lower-cost generics and biosimilars accessible to U.S. patients. Learn more in this infographic:

USMCA Trade Agreement: A Victory for America’s Patients

WASHINGTON DC (December 10, 2019) – Today’s agreement reached by the Congressional Trade Working Group and the Trump administration represents a victory for patients.

The revised text creates greater opportunities for patients in Mexico, Canada and the United States to access less expensive medicines and promotes a competitive pharmaceutical market across the three countries. The improved pharmaceutical provisions create the balance between access to medicines and support for innovation that was included in bipartisan 2015 Trade Promotion Authority legislation.

AAM Opposes the Lower Health Care Costs Act

Legislation will harm generic drug competition

WASHINGTON DC (December 9, 2019) – “AAM opposes the Lower Health Care Costs Act, because its inclusion of the BLOCKING Act will reduce generic drug competition, result in fewer affordable generic medicines being available to patients and thus will keep drug prices high. AAM has offered numerous alternatives to this section of the bill throughout the process.

AAM Launches #DoesntAddUp Ad Campaign to Bring Down Prescription Drug Costs for Patients in the U.S.

Patient Cost Rising While Generic Prices Fall Doesn’t Add Up

WASHINGTON DC (October 23, 2019) – The Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM) today launched its seven-figure #DoesntAddUp advertising campaign to raise awareness among policymakers of the generic and biosimilar industry’s significant market access challenges and promote potential solutions to ensure patients can access their medicines.

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