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Stop REMS Abuse - Anti-competitive practices are costing patients billions - you can help!
  • Biosimilars Medicare Part D
    Biosimilars Medicare Part D
    New issue brief on how Congress should amend the Part D coverage gap discount program to increase patient access to biosimilars.
  • IP Issues
    New AAM White Paper on IP Issues
    Renting Tribal Immunity to Evade IPR Review of Pharmaceutical Patents
  • Repeal Medicaid Generics Penalty
    Medicaid Generics Penalty
    Unless it is repealed, this penalty could destabilize the robust market for generic drugs and impede patient access to affordable, lifesaving drugs.
  • Creates Act - Let's Level the Playing Field
    It's Time to Level the Playing Field
    Competition is what makes markets work. It's what keeps prices down. So when brand pharmaceutical companies tilt the playing field, drugs become less affordable and less accessible. We've created a video and infographic to help tell that story.
  • Savings. Shared.
    Explore the interactive map to find out how much generic drugs save you and your state in healthcare costs.
  • Stop REMS Abuse - Anti-competitive practices are costing patients billions.
    Barriers to Patient Access
    Anti-competitive practices (“REMS and restricted access abuse”) cost patients more than $5 billion each year and put medication out of reach for millions.

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The Association for Accessible Medicines, formerly the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, improves access to safe, quality, effective medicine. Better access to medicine is relevant to everybody because, after all, we’re all patients at some point.

Health is the foundation for everything in life. Healthy people are better able to reach their full potential. Generics and biosimilars help more people in more places live healthier and longer.

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