• Hatch-Waxman Turns 40
    AAM White Paper: Hatch-Waxman Turns 40
    “Since the introduction of this law, we have all seen incredible savings. But even as we celebrate the success of forty years of Hatch-Waxman, those savings, the increased patient access, and a model of generic adoption that leads the world, are at risk.” —David Gaugh, Interim President & CEO, AAM.
  • Access 2024 Homepage Slider
    Coming to Access! 2024?
    Meet the leaders and decision-makers who are shaping the future of generics and biosimilars. February 5–7, 2024, Tampa, Florida.
  • Jamie Metzl
    Jamie Metzl, Tech & Healthcare Visionary to Speak at Access! 2024
    Be part of the conversation at Access! 2024 as Jamie Metzl shares insights on the evolving landscape of technology and healthcare.
  • Festival of Biologics
    America’s Most Exciting Biologics Event
    AAM and its Biosimilars Council are official partners of the Festival of Biologics, held in San Diego, California, April 15–17. The conference brings together pharma and biotech, academics, research institutes, and their partners across the value chain to discuss the discovery, development, manufacturing, pricing, market access, clinical trials, and commercialization of biological drugs.
  • AAM 2023 Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Savings in the U.S. Report
    NEW: 2023 U.S. Generic & Biosimilar Medicines Savings Report
    Savings continue to grow with $408 billion saved in 2022 for the U.S. health care system, including patients, employers and taxpayers. Representing 90% of Rx filled but less than 18% of spending, generics and biosimilars are an integral part of the U.S. health care system.
    What Do You Take #4GRxANTED?
    The generic and biosimilar industry is working with Direct Relief to donate doses of medicines across the U.S. to people in need. You can be part of this collective effort by recording a short video on what you take for granted and sharing on social media with #4GRxANTED and @4GRxANTED.
  • Semglee Launch Tracking 2023
    PBMs Are Blocking Patient Access to Biosimilar Insulin
    A new report from AAM’s Biosimilars Council shows that even as patient demand for biosimilar insulin has grown dramatically, PBMs are continuing to restrict patient access and drive up drug prices.
  • Fireside chat with Mark Cuban at Access! 2023
    "You guys make such a huge difference that you don't get credit for."
    Mark Cuban on generic medicines.

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