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    Give IPR the Green Light
    IPR (Inter Partes Review) works. It expedites the pathway for generic and biosimilar medicines to come to market and it rewards true innovation. It's time for Congress to take action to enhance the PTO's IPR authority.
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    New Analysis of the BLOCKING Act
    New report from Matrix Global Advisors finds the delay of just one generic medicine will increase prescription drug costs for patients by $1.7 billion.
  • The CREATES Act Passed! — #PassedCREATES
    The CREATES Act Passed!
    The CREATES Act passed! Patients will now score greater savings and increased access to generic and biosimilar medicines.
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    A Victory for America's Patients
    The revised USMCA creates greater opportunities for patients in Mexico, Canada and the United States to access less expensive medicines and promotes a competitive pharmaceutical market across the three countries. #FixedUSMCA
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    Access for All
    Access! 2020 is coming to Washington, D.C. May 11-13. Meet the leaders and decision-makers who are determining the future of generics and biosimilars.
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    Generic Medicines Are Saving Your State Billions
    AAM's 2019 interactive state savings map is now live! Explore the clickable map to find out how much generic drugs save the U.S.—and each state—in health care costs.
  • #DoesntAddUp
    If generic prescription drug prices are falling each year, why are consumer costs for prescription drugs rising?
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    The Case for Competition
    Now available: AAM's full 2019 Generic Drug & Biosimilars Access & Savings in the U.S. Report

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