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AAM Statement - President Trump’s Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices
  • #PassCREATES
    Congress can pass the CREATES Act, which will stop the anti-competitive practices that are costing patients billions.
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    Read the Biosimilars Council's New White Paper
    Delivering More-Affordable, Innovative Medicines to America’s Patients
  • Skyrocketing Drug Prices Are a Threat to Everyone
    Skyrocketing Drug Prices Are a Threat to Everyone
    Use this infographic to learn how generics and biosimilars are a remedy to sky-high health care costs.
  • GRx+Biosims 2018 - Save the Date
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    We’re uniting the power of innovation, science and policy to increase patient access to generic and biosimilar medicines.
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About Us

The Association for Accessible Medicines, formerly the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, improves access to safe, quality, effective medicine. Better access to medicine is relevant to everybody because, after all, we’re all patients at some point.

Health is the foundation for everything in life. Healthy people are better able to reach their full potential. Generics and biosimilars help more people in more places live healthier and longer.

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Association for Accessible Medicines


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