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Generics & Biosimilars Continue to Reward Patients, Employers and Taxpayers

At a time of rising health care costs, generic and biosimilar medicines continue to generate savings and increase access to care for patients. AAM’s 2022 U.S. Generic & Biosimilar Medicines Savings Report provides new insights across a variety of settings where savings reached greater heights, benefiting patients, consumers, employers, and taxpayers alike.

Here are five key takeaways from this year’s report:

October Can Now Afford to do More to Support Her Mental Health

In 2017, October felt her anxiety and panic attacks developing into something more serious: Her life, work, and relationships seemed meaningless. Realizing she needed help, October, age 26, sought in-hospital treatment in Maryland and was diagnosed with anxiety and chronic depression. She was started on a brand-name antidepressant; but after a change in health insurance coverage, she learned that her out-of-pocket costs for the medicine would be much higher. Her therapist recommended switching to a more affordable generic antidepressant, and she’s been on one ever since.

Generic and Biosimilar Drugs Generate A Record $373 Billion For America’s Patients and Healthcare System in 2021

Despite Savings from Generic Drugs, Many Patients Continue to Pay More than Necessary

WASHINGTON, DC (September 21, 2022) — Today, the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM), the leading trade association for generic and biosimilar manufacturers, released its 2022 U.S. Generic & Biosimilar Medicines Savings Report highlighting the value of generic and biosimilar medicines.

AAM Statement: New Study Shows Formulary Abuses Force Patients to Pay More for Generic Drugs Even as the Prices of Those Drugs Go Down

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 15, 2022) – The Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM) President and CEO Dan Leonard today released the following statement in response to new analysis by healthcare consulting firm, Avalere, showing that generic drugs continue to be misplaced on higher formulary tiers, unfairly driving up costs for patients:

Explosive Growth in Drug Discount Cards is a Symptom of a Broken System

Recently, increasing numbers of patients are using pharmacy discount cards to afford their medicines. Advertising for these programs can be found everywhere. Unfortunately, the existence and explosive growth of pharmacy discount cards is merely one more symptom of a chronically broken system that limits patient access to what should be affordable generic medicines.

AAM Statement on Senate Passage of Inflation Reduction Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 7, 2022) – The members of the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM) and the Biosimilars Council are extremely disappointed by the Senate’s passage of legislation that will further frustrate patient access to safe, affordable generic and biosimilar medicines. The Senate has chosen to replace competition – the only proven way to provide patients relief from high brand drug prices – with a flawed framework for government price setting that will chill the development of, and reduce patient access to, lower-cost generic and biosimilar medicines.

Despite Enrollment In Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, Over Half of All Seniors Pay Full Cost for Many Generic Drugs

When seniors with Medicare drug coverage are paying the full cost for their generic seizure or asthma medications, it’s concerning. When the share of patients who have paid the full cost for certain generic drugs increases by nearly 20 percentage points over three years, it’s alarming. And when the price that patients with insurance are paying is higher than the price charged by generic manufacturers, it’s a clear sign that something is broken in the Medicare drug program.

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