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AAM All Access Podcast - Dan Leonard speaks with Mary Beth Powers, President and CEO of CMMB.

Drug Shortages

How Inflation Penalties for Generic Medicines Could Worsen Drug Shortages

Amid rising health care costs, generic drugs stand out for delivering low-cost, affordable and accessible health care options for patients. As a result of robust head-to-head price competition that rapidly drives costs down to a fraction of the brand price, generics today comprise more than 90% of all prescriptions dispensed in the United States but only 18% of prescription drug spending.

AAM Statement on 2019 FDA Drug Shortages Task Force Report

WASHINGTON DC (October 29, 2019) – AAM applauds FDA for recognizing the multi-faceted challenges that can lead to drug shortages. In particular, deteriorating market conditions have led to sustainability issues in the manufacture of certain medicines. AAM and its members commit to working with FDA and policymakers to advocate for policies to ensure a healthy, sustainable market for safe, effective and affordable medicines for patients.

Generic Prescription Drug Shortage Bills

AAM’s core mission is to improve patients’ lives by advancing timely access to affordable, FDA-approved generic and biosimilar medicines. AAM is the nation’s leading trade association for manufacturers and distributors of generic and biosimilar prescription medicines. Our members provide more than 36,000 jobs at nearly 150 facilities, and manufacture more than 61 billion doses of prescription medicine in the US annually.

Key Points:

AAM White Paper: Ensuring the Future of Accessible Medicines in the U.S.

Patient health and well-being depends on the uninterrupted availability of lower-cost generic and biosimilar medicines. Moreover, as patients live longer the importance of a robust and sustainable generic and biosimilar medicines industry becomes only that much more important. Policymakers must act quickly to ensure continued saving and market-based competition, as well as prevent shortages, for future availability of affordable medicines. This requires:

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