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How Our Associate Members Make the World Healthier

AAM’s associate member organizations are dedicated to expanding access to medicines and care. Their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments make communities and families healthier and more productive. (Read part 1 and part 2 of this series, highlighting the CSR programs of our members.)

  • AmerisourceBergen Corp.’s chairman, president and CEO Steve Collis has affirmed, “We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.” The company’s CSR priorities are engaged associates, sustainable operations and healthy communities. Read more.
  • Direct Relief’s humanitarian efforts operate all over the world. They support health centers and community clinics every day by providing requested medicines and supplies at no cost. Many AAM members partner with Direct Relief in this lifesaving work. Read more on the AAM blog.

  • Dispensary Of Hope collects and donates prescription drugs to pharmacies and clinics that serve low-income communities. The group has extensive relationships with our member companies to support access. Read more on the AAM blog.
  • Gedeon Richter USA’s chairman Erik Bogsch has said, “We attach considerable importance to corporate social responsibility, through which we contribute to the preservation of people’s health and the sustainable development of our environment.”
  • “Our chemistry,” states Johnson Matthey Pharmaceutical Materials, “helps relieve symptoms in millions of people each year. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are the constituents of pills and other medications that do all the work, whether it's attacking cancer cells, regulating a heartbeat or combating severe pain. And making them effectively always starts in the lab.” Read more.

  • Operation Smile is committed to “breaking down obstacles to surgery through education, training, medical diplomacy and advocacy.” The organization works with government agencies, local health systems and nonprofits to deliver care. Read more on the AAM blog.
  • A nonprofit mail-order pharmacy, Rx Outreach serves those whose income is at or below 400% of the federal poverty level. Read more about the organization’s outreach programs.

As you can see, our members in the generic and biosimilars industry are having a tremendous social impact and making communities around the world healthier. Please share the great work they are doing!

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Erica Klinger

By Erica Klinger, AAM Marketing Director



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