Ariel Leaty, Bloomfield, NJ

Ariel is a Cancer Thriver

In 2014, Ariel Leaty received a frightening diagnosis—acute lymphocytic leukemia. Leaty, 29, of Bloomfield NJ, is featured in the recently released tenth edition of the annual generic drug savings and access report.

Here’s her story, in her own words:

I was diagnosed with leukemia ALL in July of 2014 and had to endure three years of chemotherapy. In the beginning of my regimen, the doctors gave me tons of pills and infusions designed to kill the cancer, which subsequently weakened my immune system and depleted my energy. For a time, I could barely walk or talk. After my intensive therapy, I immediately began outpatient maintenance, which meant taking six to 10 pills a day, in addition to daily infusions.

If I didn’t have generic prescriptions, I probably wouldn’t be here, because the brand name drugs are expensive—sometimes over $200 a bottle. Luckily, my mother's a pharmacist and pushed away any initial fears I may have had about generic medications. She informed me that they are exactly the same, save for the fancy name and ridiculous price tag. As of last October, I completed my treatment and am on my way to being declared 'cured!'

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View Ariel and other patient stories in the 2021 Voices of Access report.


Rachel Schwartz

By Rachel Schwartz, AAM Communications Director
Published on July 23, 2018 



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