October, 26, New Carrollton, MD | Depression

October Can Now Afford to do More to Support Her Mental Health

In 2017, October felt her anxiety and panic attacks developing into something more serious: Her life, work, and relationships seemed meaningless. Realizing she needed help, October, age 26, sought in-hospital treatment in Maryland and was diagnosed with anxiety and chronic depression. She was started on a brand-name antidepressant; but after a change in health insurance coverage, she learned that her out-of-pocket costs for the medicine would be much higher. Her therapist recommended switching to a more affordable generic antidepressant, and she’s been on one ever since.

I was able to put that money [I saved] toward therapy sessions and other activities that would help with my mental health. I hope that anyone out there who’s struggling with depression has access to affordable antidepressants.


Generic medicines offer much-needed financial relief for the millions of patients, like October. In 2021 alone, patients taking medicines for mental illness saved nearly $60 billion by opting for generics. And more broadly, tens of millions of Americans have entrusted their health to generics and biosimilars, resulting in more than $2.6 trillion saved over the last decade.

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Erica Klinger—Senior Director, Marketing

By Erica Klinger, Senior Director, Marketing
Published on September 29, 2021




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