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AAM All Access Podcast - Dan Leonard speaks to David Gaugh (AAM), Jessica Daley (Premier Inc) and Steven Schondelmeyer (University of Minnesota).

Introducing the AAM All Access Podcast with Dan Leonard

The modern generics and biosimilars industry is one of the great, untold American success stories. Nine out of ten prescriptions are filled with generics, yet they account for only 20% of all spending on medicines. Biosimilars are steadily coming on to the market to bring competition to the expensive brand-name biologics that are at the root of our nation’s prescription drug cost woes.

This is an exciting industry that is not fully understood or appreciated because its voice is hard to hear above the inflamed and often misinformed rhetoric that dominates the drug pricing debate.

That is why we present to you the Association for Accessible Medicines’ (AAM) All Access podcast featuring me, Dan Leonard. As a former broadcast journalist with decades as a health care advocate and now CEO of AAM, I am well positioned to bring the story of today’s generics and biosimilars industry to life through the voices of its leaders and other health care experts, including academics, government officials and patient organization representatives who understand its value, place and promise in the greater ecosystem.

Since I was named CEO of AAM, I have enjoyed fascinating conversations with the industry’s leaders, learning about their contributions to our nation’s health, and their companies’ market challenges and business opportunities. Their stories merit a wider audience and that is why we are thrilled to record our conversations and publish them online for all the world to hear as part of AAM’s All Access podcast.

So why listen to yet another podcast? Well, as I explained, ours is a story that most people do not already know, do not fully appreciate or confuse with brand-name drug makers. Listen in and you will learn about the always-important topic of drug pricing— but you can also hear our guests weigh in with insights into the pharmaceutical supply chain and its performance during the pandemic and beyond; the evolving dynamic between access and innovation; the need to better address health inequities; and the growing market challenges that threaten the sustainability of this all-American success story.

Our Inaugural Podcast

We just celebrated Independence Day and were pleased to welcome to All Access Former U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) Anthony Principi. Sec. Principi serves on the board of AAM member Golden State Medical Supply (GSMS), the leading provider of generic medicines to the VA. He brings an important perspective to the drug pricing conversation—as well as bountiful stories of his service to the United States.

Listen To All Podcast

Thank you for listening.

If you have ideas on whom to interview for the next podcast or would like to be featured yourself, contact AAM Director of Communications Rachel Schwartz.


Dan Leonard, AAM President and CEO

By Dan Leonard, AAM President and CEO
Published on July 7, 2021

Association for Accessible Medicines


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