Gold and Platinum Hermes Awards for AAM | Association for Accessible Medicines

Gold and Platinum Hermes Awards for AAM

We are honored to receive Gold and Platinum Hermes awards. The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), an international organization consisting of several thousand creative professionals, bestows this recognition for creative excellence in traditional and emerging media.

The winning campaigns drove awareness about the ways that generic drugs are saving patients—and the U.S. health care system—money and keeping medicines within reach.

AAM’s Rebranding Campaign, “Keeping Medicines Within Reach,” earned Platinum Awards in three categories—Marketing Campaign, Rebranding and Video. When the Generic Pharmaceutical Association became the Association for Accessible Medicines in February 2017, we launched a patient-centered multi-channel campaign to reach industry leaders, policymakers and health care professionals.

Through the voice of actual patients, the campaign assets told the story of the importance of generic medicines in meeting health care challenges faced by individuals, families and the nation. AAM told a complementary narrative of its industry through compelling data-driven videos underscoring the role that generics play in keeping drug prices down.

AAM’s Vice President of Communications Allen Goldberg, who led the creative vision for this campaign, often reminds us, “We are all patients at some point, and we know the challenges that patients are facing.” This simple truth helped us all to stay focused on telling our story in the most compelling way.

Politico Ads - Keeping Medicines Within Reach
The Atlantic - Keeping Medicines Within Reach

AAM won a Gold award in the Facebook Engagement Category for our state advocacy campaigns. Social media engagement is a cornerstone of our work in state capitals, where legislation has been considered that could potentially impact patients as well as our members.

Social media posts were used to engage and educate patients and lawmakers and drive them to the AAM website, where they could learn more about the benefits of the generic drug industry and savings to patients. Patients were able to send a message via social, email or phone to their lawmaker in just one click. Patient voice proved to be a decisive factor in achieving our policy goal, stopping or amending all bills in 10 states.

The Hermes Awards follow similar recognition from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), which gave AAM an ASAE 2018 Gold Circle Award in the category of Website/App for its website redesign and a 2018 Merit Award in the category of Rebranding Campaign.

Once again, we thank our creative partners, Cat Eye Productions, Blue Water and Dirt Media.

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Erica Klinger

By Erica Klinger, AAM Marketing Director

Association for Accessible Medicines


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