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    Generics are 91% of prescriptions dispensed, but account for only 18% of total drug costs.
  • Money in pill bottle by pills
    93% of generic prescriptions are filled at $20 or less.
  • Pill bottles in package, one bottle open
    The average generic drug copay is $6.16, compared to $56.12 for brand-name drugs.

Our Impact

The Association for Accessible Medicines is extremely proud of our work to help ensure that all Americans are able to afford the medicines that they need to stay healthy. Below you will find patient stories, member testimonials, fact sheets, blog posts, and video content that chronicle the impact of AAM’s work and stress the need for further action as progress is made in ensuring affordable access to medicines.
There is no better place to hear about the impact of AAM’s work than from the patients whose lives have been positively impacted by access to life-changing medications.

These individuals bravely give a voice to Americans across the country who were, are, or will be left to choose between affording basic necessities and the medicines that they need to survive. We encourage you to share these videos and to educate your friends and family on this very important topic because it is through the awareness and vigilance that we will achieve our goals.
Our members are truly passionate about developing medicines that help people, compete in the marketplace, and ensure the United States is a leading producer of pharmaceuticals.

Learn more about AAM membership and be part of a collective and organizing voice of your generics and biosimilars industry.

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