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Generic Supply Chain

Generic and Biosimilar Competition Is Cornerstone of President Trump’s Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices for American Patients

Administration’s Plan Embraces Getting More Generic and Biosimilar Medicines to Patients

WASHINGTON DC (May 11, 2018) – In President Trump’s remarks today at the White House, he made clear the essential role that generic and biosimilar medicines play in containing prescription drug costs for patients.

Dear Mr. President—On the Eve of Your Drug-Pricing Speech

A virtuous cycle of innovation and access has served as the foundation for our nation’s prescription drug market since the presidency of Ronald Reagan. When that market worked as Congress originally intended around the time of enactment of the Hatch-Waxman amendments in the 1980s, patients benefited from lifesaving new drugs; they maintained their health with generic medicines; brand drug makers recouped their investments, rewarded shareholders and were incentivized to discover new therapies and cures; and the makers of generics had thriving businesses.

2017 AAM Annual Report

2017 Was Epic

The landscape around us looks much different today than it did just one year ago. As our industry changes within the evolving pharmaceutical ecosystem, we must speak with one voice to drive home the message that a robust generic drug and biosimilars marketplace is necessary to sustain affordable health care.

AAM White Paper: Ensuring the Future of Accessible Medicines in the U.S.

Patient health and well-being depends on the uninterrupted availability of lower-cost generic and biosimilar medicines. Moreover, as patients live longer the importance of a robust and sustainable generic and biosimilar medicines industry becomes only that much more important. Policymakers must act quickly to ensure continued saving and market-based competition, as well as prevent shortages, for future availability of affordable medicines. This requires:

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