Women-Powered Health Policy: 500 and Counting

Nine months ago—don’t make too much of the time period—a team at AAM formed Women in Health Policy (WiHP), a supportive network geared toward two goals:

  • increasing the number of women guiding our nation’s health care
  • amplifying their effectiveness and professional advancement

The response has been gratifying, and our LinkedIn group already counts 500 members. As in technology, entertainment, finance and other sectors, there has been an explosion of women-powered achievement in health care in recent years. WiHP exists to harness this energy.

Access! 2019 presented a luncheon focused on female leadership moderated by Nancy Snyderman (NBC former medical officer), featuring Carol Lynch (Sandoz), Frances Zipp (Lachman Consulting Services), Silvia Perez (3M Drug Delivery Systems) and Dr. Rebekah Gee (Louisiana Department of Health). Read the recap by AAM’s Anna McDermott-Vitak.

WiHP also hosted a networking reception with U.S. House Representative Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ; read the recap) and created an ambassador social toolkit for members.

We look forward to growing the group more in 2020, with events and opportunities in D.C. and beyond. Interested in sponsoring an event? Contact me!

People like you drive this group. We invite you to spread the word, to share your thoughts and ideas on the LinkedIn page and to take the quick poll below to tell us what you’d like to see in the future.

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Kristin Murphy

By Kristin Murphy, AAM Director of Federal Affairs

Association for Accessible Medicines


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