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Why Membership Matters

2017 was a year of transition for the Association of Accessible Medicines (AAM) as we rebranded the association and updated our governance and operating model. It was also a year of unrelenting challenges to the generic and biosimilars business models. At the federal and state level, in the courts and in the public, AAM fought to course correct a campaign aimed at discrediting our industry and misinforming policymakers and the public.

Late last year, AAM testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce in a hearing entitled Examining the Drug Supply Chain. On behalf of AAM President and CEO Chip Davis used this opportunity to advance our congressional policy recommendations, and to reiterate the value that generics and biosimilars provide patients and taxpayers. We also provided relevant context to the Committee regarding the current state of the generic industry, and suggested immediate actions Congress should take to ensure a sustainable market for generics and biosimilars.

In 2018, we continue to champion policies in Congress in the best interests of the patients our companies serve.

We need your help! Board Chair and Apotex President and CEO Jeff Watson encourages the industry to get involved in your association. Draw upon AAM’s resources as you navigate the challenges ahead.

If you have ever considered what greater representation in Washington, DC could mean for your company, now is the perfect time to get connected at a whole new level during this time of unprecedented challenges for our industry.

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Jewel Smith

By Jewel Smith, AAM Operations Director

Association for Accessible Medicines


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