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Rich’s Generic Story: No Sweat

When Rich noticed himself sweating excessively, he made a doctor’s appointment—something he admits he doesn’t do as often as he should. The diagnosis was a common thyroid condition.The prescription: a generic medication.

Generics saved patients with thyroid disease $64 million in 2017, and savings for the past 10 years total $993 million. Read more.

"I'm over 70,” he says, “and the oldest player in my doubles tennis group. My two generic prescription drugs, each only $2 per month, help me stay active. Everybody understands that kind of savings when they’re on a fixed income."

A father of four and grandfather of eight, Rich likes to stay active and healthy so he can enjoy his favorite things in life. And besides family, Rich’s favorite thing is eating. Luckily, Trumbull, CT, is a capital of Italian dining, with dozens of restaurant options.

Despite its name, Mario the Baker, a landmark in nearby Bridgeport (Rich’s hometown), is best known for pizza. Nobody would call it health food, but the casino pizza, with bacon, clams, garlic and fresh herbs, served white (that is, without tomato sauce) is well worth cheating on your diet.

After a long career in corporate communications, Rich considers himself semi-retired, writing regularly on a laptop at Starbuck’s. He is working on a memoir for publication next year and blogs frequently for the Forum of World Cultures. Recent posts include “My Ravioli Roots” and a heartfelt tribute to Anthony Bourdain, the beloved television host: “Food was the appetizer,” Rich writes of Parts Unknown; “cultural, political and historical conversations were the entree; beautiful people—no matter what color, beliefs or education—were the dessert.”

Thanks to his generic prescription drugs, Rich can keep his cool as he comes up with just the right words to celebrate his love for food and the other good things in life.

AAM would love to hear how generics help you stay healthy and productive.

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Erica Klinger

By Erica Klinger, AAM Marketing Director




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