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Rich, 72, Laurel MD | High Blood Pressure

Rich Has the Wind at His Back

Now that Rich, 72, of Laurel MD, is semi-retired, he loves to go boating on the Chesapeake Bay. His 15-year-old boat is equipped with a diving board to entice the grandchildren. Rich takes a generic drug to control his blood pressure. He and his wife are enrolled in Medicare but not a supplemental plan, so lower-priced generics are his best option.

The brand-name version of his blood pressure drug, for example, costs twice as much as the generic. That thing sitting in the water is my retirement, he says. Generic savings means he can cover those boat maintenance bills more easily, and the quality and reliability mean that he can lead a healthier, more productive and fuller life—that is, more time with the grandchildren. Rich isn’t alone. Generic medicines fill nine out of every ten U.S. prescriptions. Learn more.

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Erica Klinger—Senior Director, Marketing

By Erica Klinger, Senior Director, Marketing
Published on May 24, 2021

Association for Accessible Medicines


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