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KC, 73, Seattle, WA | High blood pressure / High cholesterol

KC is Enjoying Life— “a Pretty Good Deal” on Prescriptions

KC, 73, of Seattle, Wash., has worked as a journalist for most of her career. Years ago, on a birthday trip to Chicago, KC found herself in the emergency room with a diagnosis of “off the charts” high blood pressure. Her doctor prescribed a few generic medicines that help her manage her condition.

“It’s just not an issue for me anymore,” KC says. “I’m on Medicare, and when I pick up my prescriptions, it doesn’t cost me anything. That’s a pretty good deal.”

In 2020, generics and biosimilars generated $109.6 billion in Medicare savings—that’s good news for seniors and taxpayers. Without generic competition, Medicare drug spending would have been almost double its current level. However, reforms are needed to further improve savings. Some Medicare Part D plans prevent patients from realizing the full value of low-cost generic drugs. For the past three years, fewer than half of all generic drugs are on generic formulary tiers, even as generic prices continue to decline. This situation forces America’s patients to unnecessarily pay more for their generic drugs.

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During the pandemic, KC (who also takes generic medicines to manage her high cholesterol) discovered a love for making art. She also sings with a vocal group in her community. “Generics,” she says, “keep my great life going.”

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Erica Klinger—Senior Director, Marketing

By Erica Klinger, Senior Director, Marketing
Published on March 30, 2022




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