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Four Reasons Why – The Benefits of AAM Membership

Here are four reasons why you should make time to be active in the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM):

  1. Membership in trade associations not only benefits employees of your company, but also projects a positive image of your organization to your peers. Membership in associations shows a business’ initiative, its engagement in policy issues and its dedication to staying up-to-date on current developments that affect your business industry.
  2. Conferences, board meetings, educational sessions and working groups are built-in opportunities to work with your peers on policy issues that affect your business. Make an investment of time and effort in association activities and become involved: Association membership is directly related to what you put in. AAM’s next conference, GRx+Biosims, is September 5-7 in Baltimore, Maryland. AAM will be uniting the power of innovation, science and policy to increase patient access to generic and biosimilar medicines.
  3. Our business is deeply affected by government regulation. AAM is here to help you understand the impact of government regulation – and to have a voice. AAM advocates for finding solutions to issues that stand in the way of access to medicines.
  4. Being a member of AAM gives a company standing and can enhance your reputation. Being a member of an association that is allied with patient groups is your corporate responsibility and can lead to better relationships with patients and other health care stakeholders. When companies are recognized as a member of a respected trade group, they are more respected.

Give it a go.

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Jewel Smith

By Jewel Smith, AAM Operations Director




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