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AAM All Access Podcast - Dan Leonard speaks with Mary Beth Powers, President and CEO of CMMB.

Opioid Tax Bills

It is critical that we combat the misuse and abuse of prescription medication while maintaining legitimate, uninterrupted access to medicine by patients in need. Generic drug manufacturers play a key role in producing affordable FDA-approved therapies and believe that patient safety is of the utmost importance. It is a public health imperative that patients take medicines as prescribed and adhere to the instructions of their health care providers.

Key Points:

  • Patients need effective treatment for pain.
  • Misuse of prescription opioids is a public health challenge.
  • The production of opioid medicines is tightly controlled by federal authorities.
  • Generic manufacturers do not engage in advertising or detailing.
  • Proposals to tax opioids would undermine generic competition and increase prices for patients.
  • Policymakers should consider the role of other supply chain entities that benefit from the sale of opioids.
  • Strong policies can help reduce the opioid crisis but must ensure access to pain treatment for those who need it.
  • State of play in the States

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