Interactive Savings Map - Find out how much your state saved from generic and biosimilar medicines.

Generics and Biosimilar Medicines Deliver More Savings Every Year

At a moment when policymakers are contemplating measures to reduce drug prices for America’s patients, AAM’s 2021 U.S. Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Savings Report, featuring data from IQVIA, breaks the savings down by state, age, payer, common medical conditions and more.

Because tens of millions of Americans entrust their health to generics and biosimilars, they saved $338 billion in 2020, and nearly $2.4 trillion in the last decade.

Some key figures:

  • In 2020, generic medicines fill nine out of every ten U.S. prescriptions, but account for only 18% of all drug spending.
  • 93% of generic prescriptions are filled at $20 or less.
  • U.S. biosimilars savings totaled $8 billion in 2020 and $133 billion over the past 10 years.

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2021 Savings Report


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