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National Drug Take Back Day Is Saturday: Here’s What You Need to Know

AAM is proud to partner with the Drug Enforcement Administration on an important campaign to curb the misuse of controlled prescription drugs—generic or brand name. The last Take Back Day took place in October 2018, and over 914,000 pounds (457 tons) of drugs were collected at 5,839 sites all over the country.

Visit Take Back Day’s website to learn more and to find a collection site near you.

Report an incident of prescription drug abuse.

Prescription medications are critical to our health and quality of life.

Access to these drugs is important, but of course it must be balanced with proper disposal of unused drugs. That’s why AAM joins with other industry leaders in promoting robust public education campaigns to teach consumers the importance of properly discarding unused medicines. We also collaborate with policymakers to openly address concerns and to help provide factual answers to questions around the proper disposal of pharmaceuticals.

For those unable to participate in Take Back Day, FDA recommends disposal in the household trash and flushing certain potentially dangerous medicines in the toilet.

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Allen Goldberg

By Allen Goldberg, AAM Senior Vice President, Communications



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