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AAM All Access Podcast: Golden State Medical Supply’s Anthony Principi

AAM’s All Access Podcast lets us all learn from leaders and influential figures in health care. This series of candid, wide-ranging dialogues has given me a deeper appreciation of the dedication and brilliance of the men and women who take on the challenge of making prescription medicines more widely accessible. Only with access to prescription drugs can patients live life to their fullest potential. We very much look forward to continuing these fascinating, educational dialogues and hope you’ll tune in.

Access Is Patriotic

Our conversation with the honorable Anthony Principi—former Secretary of the Veterans Administration, a Vietnam War combat veteran who served as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy—is both amusing and somber. Secretary Principi serves on the board of directors of AAM member Golden State Medical Supply, the largest provider of generic medications to the Department of Defense and the VA, and he speaks eloquently on how savings from generics enables the government to afford lifesaving treatments for our soldiers and veterans:

The manufacture of generic drugs really makes it possible for veterans and everyone to have the benefit of affordable medications. And Golden State is really a partner with the generic manufacturers. We're working hand in glove, utilizing innovation technology to improve the efficiency, the effectiveness of averaging the logistics, of getting generic drugs to the greatest customer in the world, the men and women who serve and have served our nation in uniform.


Published on October 8, 2021

Association for Accessible Medicines


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