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AAM All Access Podcast - Dan Leonard speaks to David Gaugh (AAM), Jessica Daley (Premier Inc) and Steven Schondelmeyer (University of Minnesota).

AAM All Access Podcast: Apotex’s Jeff Watson

AAM’s All Access Podcast lets us all learn from leaders and influential figures in health care. This series of candid, wide-ranging dialogues has given me a deeper appreciation of the dedication and brilliance of the men and women who take on the challenge of making prescription medicines more widely accessible. Only with access to prescription drugs can patients live life to their fullest potential. I very much look forward to continuing these fascinating, educational dialogues and hope you’ll tune in.

Even Greater Savings Are Possible

As CEO of AAM member Apotex, Jeff Watson is undoubtedly one of the pharmaceutical industry’s top strategic thinkers and most successful business leaders. (Not everybody knows he played professional football in Canada.) My conversation with Jeff touches on the intricacies of the international pharmaceutical supply chain and his commitment to corporate citizenship. He is especially compelling on the value proposition of generics and biosimilars and how to engage with lawmakers on expanding access and helping patients and health care systems even more money than they do already:

I am passionate about our executives and executives in the industry staying involved and engaged and getting our message out there. I think we have to keep the focus up and keep telling our story and keep breaking down those pieces of misinformation, when sometimes that narrative gets lost. But we do have a lot going for us as an organization. We've brought tremendous savings of value. We'll continue to do that.



Dan Leonard, AAM President and CEO

By Dan Leonard, AAM President and CEO
Published on October 16, 2021

Association for Accessible Medicines


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