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Joint MOPI and 24th IGBA Annual Conference

September 7-9, 2022
Kuala Lumpur

24th IGBA Annual Conference hosted this time by its Member MOPI, the Malaysian Organization of Pharmaceutical Industries

The conference will provide a great opportunity for participants from the Global, and especially Southeast Asian, off-patent pharmaceutical sector to finally meet again in-person. It will offer a unique chance to address the challenges highlighted by the pandemic as well as the strength and value of this industry. It will also address the local and international policies needed for generic, biosimilar and value-added medicines to become central to global healthcare.

The program addresses the following key points:

  • Covid-19 and beyond: patients first, investing in health for all;
  • An overview of the Southeast Asian market, one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical market in the world;
  • The importance of a globally resilient supply chain and trade facilitating measures;
  • The challenges and oppor tunities of digitalization and technological innovation and the need for sustainability from end to end;
  • The impact of regulatory agility, reliance and harmonization on access to medicines for patients around the world;
  • Defining effective strategies to advance access to treatments for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs);
  • and so much more.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to attend our joint event and to share in shaping discussions around all of these crucial topics.

For updates, visit the IGBA website.

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