AAM All Access Podcast: CMMB’s Urgent Mission

AAM’s All Access Podcast lets us all learn from leaders and influential figures in health care. This series of candid, wide-ranging dialogues has given me a deeper appreciation of the dedication and brilliance of the men and women who take on the challenge of making prescription medicines more widely accessible. Only with access to prescription drugs can patients live life to their fullest potential. We very much look forward to continuing these fascinating, educational dialogues and hope you’ll tune in.

AAM’s podcast gives me the opportunity to meet leaders and discover the many ways that people’s lives are improved because of access to generic and biosimilar medicines. In the latest All Access conversation, I interview Mary Beth Powers, president and chief executive officer of associate member CMMB.

Powers has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world, working in public health for Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children and now CMMB, the Catholic Medical Mission Board. The organization supplies medicines, many of them donated by AAM member companies, to South Sudan, Kenya, Zambia, Peru and Haiti as well as other countries—including Ukraine.

CMMB is a founding member of Partnership for Quality Medical Donations, which sets standards for these specialized donations. They also run maternal child health programs and programs that strengthen community health systems.

Although CMMB is more than a century old, it has managed to stay nimble and responsive. Powers emphasizes the importance of moving decision-making closer to the people affected by decisions. That calls on us to kind of be good listeners, she says. We ascertain what are the needs in the field from their own perspective.

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We hope you have been enjoying these educational dialogues and look forward to meeting more of the leaders and influencers in our industry.


Published on July 21, 2022

Association for Accessible Medicines


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