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Governor Mills: Veto LD 1117
Generic Prescription Medicines Are the Solution to High Drug Costs

Veto Maine LD 1117

The Maine legislature recently passed a bill, LD 1117. Instead of targeting high drug costs in the state, LD 1117 misses the mark by zeroing in on generic medicines, which save the state, patients and taxpayers more than one billion dollars each year.

The governor of Maine, Janet Mills, has an opportunity to ensure these savings continue by vetoing LD 1117. Generic medicines are not the problem for Maine; they are the solution to high drug costs. 

Veto Maine LD 1117

Maine should support market-based policies that enhance the competition necessary to meaningfully lower brand name prescription drug prices.

LD 1117 takes the wrong approach and jeopardizes patient access and savings. Patients in Maine should make their voices heard and urge the governor to veto this misguided legislation. 

Generic Drug Savings in Maine

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AAM Statement on Governor Mill’s Consideration of LD 1117
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AAM Statement on Maine LD 1117

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