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Misguided Drug Pricing Reform #PatientAccess
Build Back Better Puts Seniors’ Access At Risk

AAM Opposes Drug Pricing Proposals Being Considered by Congress

Package Places Generic & Biosimilar Access at Risk 

America can’t afford health care without robust access to the generic and biosimilar medicines that already save patients and the U.S. health care system trillions of dollars. Congress is now considering brand new policies as part of its budget reconciliation package that place senior patients' access to these affordable medicines at risk. 

The drug price negotiation framework that Congress is considering in its budget reconciliation package exchanges the proven cost reduction of generic and biosimilar market-based competition for a short-term hope of savings through direct government price limits.

FDA data shows generics reduce costs by as much as 90% compared to the brand-name drug when 6 or more generics enter the market.

Enhance market competition so generic and biosimilar medicines can do an even better job of their decades-proven work reducing spending on expensive brand-name drugs. Without it, brand monopolies could last forever.

Meanwhile, the budget proposal's application of inflation-based rebate penalties to generics and biosimilars would only further impede this industry's ability to sustainably produce and manufacture lower-cost medicines for America patients. The vast majority of generic medicines are available at less than a $1 per unit and changes to the average manufacturer price (AMP) often reflect dynamics in the market outside of our control. In a recent survey of AAM’s member companies, the vast majority of instances in which the manufacturers paid a similar penalty in Medicaid were due to regular, market-driven changes to how medicines are purchased and not the result of increases in list price

Already, the misguided penalties in Medicaid could lead to drug shortages, let's not compound that error. 

Penalties might lead to shortages and negotiations that could reduce access for America’s patients. That is why we are opposing the budget reconciliation proposal being considered now by Congress.

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