A Blueprint for Enhancing the Security of the U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


A closely connected, diverse, high-quality and resilient pharmaceutical supply chain based in the United States and in allied countries is the best means to ensure that U.S. patients and our health care system have access to a secure and consistent supply of critical medicines. The United States already plays an important role in this supply chain, with generic companies providing more than 52,000 jobs at nearly 150 facilities, and manufacturing more than 60 billion doses of prescription medicines annually1 in this country. This domestic presence, combined with the strength of the industry’s globally diverse supply chain, allows U.S. patients continued access to the medicines they need, including during the COVID pandemic.

With strategic support from the U.S. government, the economic footprint of the generic drug industry in the U.S. can expand even more, leading to increased national security, a stronger, more redundant supply chain for key pharmaceuticals or their components and an expanded employment base.

The Association for Accessible Medicines and our member companies are ready to partner with U.S. policymakers to create an environment where even more American jobs play a greater role in ensuring a resilient U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain.

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1. AAM Member Survey and other sources.

Association for Accessible Medicines


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