AAM Statement — Restricting Patent Settlements Hurts Patients

Banning Patent Litigation Settlements Will Keep Biosimilars and Generic Drugs Off the Market No Patient Benefit - Only Helps Big Pharma Companies Abusing the Patent System


“If Congress is committed to delivering on President Trump’s pledge to bring down prescription drug costs, lawmakers must start by ending the shenanigans of brand companies who are abusing the patent system and FDA’s rules to delay patient access to more affordable generic and biosimilar medicines. Banning patent settlements and prohibiting biosimilars from being eligible for pass-through status are all anti-competitive attempts by brand companies to extend their government-provided monopolies and keep drug prices high. Bipartisan, market-based solutions – like the CREATES Act – will lower prescription drug costs by injecting more competition into our health care system.”

Attribution: Chester “Chip” Davis, Jr., President & CEO, AAM

Rachel Schwartz
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Association for Accessible Medicines


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