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Experts Panel

The Future of Biosimilars – An Atlantic Policy Briefing

What does the future hold for biosimilars? How will the new administration, changing regulations and the recent FDA draft naming guidelines impact the industry?

On March 15thThe Atlantic hosts “The Next Drugs: The Future for Biosimilars – An Atlantic Policy Briefing,” an event underwritten by The Biosimilars Council, held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. to discuss these topics and more.

The Policy Briefing will examine the biosimilar industry and educate healthcare industry professionals on planning for potential changes to the marketplace. Biosimilars have the unique ability to give patients much-needed access to lower-cost complex therapies, which ultimately impacts pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and physicians.

Panel One:  Interchangeability and Naming Guidelines

Biosimilar Manufacturer:

  • Jim Van Lieshout, Vice President, Market Access and Pharmacy Strategy, Apobiologix

Clinician, Advocate:

  • Len Lichtenfeld MD, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society

Legal/Former FDA Expert:

  • David Fox, Partner, Hogan Lovells

Panel Two: Biosimilars and the View from Washington

Government Official:

  • Peter Welch


  • Joie Chen, Journalist and Contributor, AtlanticLIVE

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Conclusions from the Last Briefing

In December 2016, The Atlantic and The Biosimilars Council hosted “The Next Drugs: An Atlantic Policy Briefing on Biosimilars.” This event brought together more than 130 influencers and evaluated the beginning world of biosimilar medication and the regulatory framework that came with it. From this briefing, three conclusions were clear:

  • Experts will need more biosimilars education
  • Manufacturers will benefit from more regulatory clarity
  • Everyone will benefit from biosimilar savings

Read our wrap up from the last biosimilars policy briefing or watch the event video from "Welcome to The Next Drugs: An Atlantic Policy Briefing."

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