AAM's Erica Klinger speaks with Connor Nell and Brian Biehn from AmerisourceBergen #GBW2022

It’s the third-annual Global Biosimilars Week, a social media campaign created and driven by the International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (IGBA) and its members to raise awareness about biosimilar medicines. In conjunction with this weeklong campaign, Erica Klinger, Senior Director of Marketing at the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM) and Chair of the 2022 Global Biosimilars Week, talked to Brian Biehn, Senior Director, Biosimilar Commercialization and Connor Nell, Director, Biosimilar Commercialization, both at AmerisourceBergen, about the importance of expanding access to biosimilar medicines. They also discuss a new report, released by AmerisourceBergen, that offers insights into the growth of the biosimilar marketplace. AmerisourceBergen is a member of AAM and its Biosimilars Council.

Learn more about AmerisourceBergen and download their report

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