Chris Bowlin | Association for Accessible Medicines
CBS News - How critics say drug companies play "games" to stave off generic competitors.

Chris Bowlin

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs
Chris Bowlin

Chris Bowlin is the Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, of the Association for Accessible Medicines. He is responsible for the vision, strategic planning and implementation of AAM’s Federal and State advocacy programs.

Mr. Bowlin brings nearly 30 years of government and advocacy experience to his role, with issue expertise in health care policy, including generic and biosimilar manufacturing and regulation. His previous high-level health-care policy positions included serving as strategic counsel to cabinet members, congressional leadership and health care industry clients.

Chris was Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt’s top liaison to Congress for Medicare, Medicaid and the Food and Drug Administration, and later became Senator John McCain’s top health-care advisor on the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. In that position, Mr. Bowlin developed expert-level knowledge of the top issues directly impacting the generic and biosimilar industry. The experience led him to work with generic and biosimilar manufacturers in the private sector, as a consultant, on the policy priorities directly impacting the industry’s role in making life saving medicines more accessible and cost effective.

Today, in his role at AAM, Mr. Bowlin advocates on behalf of an industry he believes is central to affordable health care.