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  • Access! 2019 Speakers Announced
    The Speakers You Want to Hear
    Announcing new additions to the Access! 2019 speaker lineup. Join 600+ attendees and 50+ exhibitors February 4-6 in New Orleans.
  • #Rx4Savings - Your Prescription for Savings
    Prescription for Savings
    Congress can take meaningful action to lower prescription drug costs for patients who rely on affordable medicines to live healthy lives.
  • Generic Drugs are the Prescription for Savings
    More than 9 out of 10 generic drug prescriptions are filled for $20 or less.
  • Patients Can See Their Savings
    For the first time ever, the Association for Accessible Medicines is releasing savings data for 20 common patient conditions.
  • Preserve Patient Access in Trade Agreements
    The new trade agreement (USMCA) keeps drug prices high, for longer and creates new barriers to competition from generics and biosimilars. Without action, drug prices will remain out of reach for Americans.

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About Us

The Association for Accessible Medicines, formerly the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, improves access to safe, quality, effective medicine. Better access to medicine is relevant to everybody because, after all, we’re all patients at some point.

Health is the foundation for everything in life. Healthy people are better able to reach their full potential. Generics and biosimilars help more people in more places live healthier and longer.

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Association for Accessible Medicines


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